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In preparation for the expected licence rounds, Earthmoves has reviewed all of the offshore basins of Argentina to provide a comprehensive compilation of public domain information.  This has then been summarised in a series of basin dossiers which cover the regional geology and hydrocarbon prospectivity of the Salado, Colorado, Rawson and Valdes, San Jorge, San Julian, Austral-Magellan, Malvinas, Tierra del Fuego and Deepwater Atlantic Margin.  This report can be purchased as a stand-alone report or as part of our South Atlantic Digital Atlas

Offshore Licensing Round 2018 (JULY)

ROUND 1 (2018)

Argentina Norte: 129,000km2

Malvinas Oeste: 89,500km2

Austral Marina: 5,000km2

ROUND 2 (2019)

Argentina Sur : 120,000km2

The map below shows the data coverage