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2nd-5th July – Hedberg Research Conference:  Geology of Middle America, Sigüenza, Spain

  • Miocene Compressional Tectonics in the Campeche Salt Basin SE Mexico (Abstract)

  • Exploration Potential in NW Cuba (Abstract)

19th-22th August 2018 – 2018 Conjugate Margins Conference, Halifax, Nova Scotia

  • Contact us or visit the Conference Website for more information

  • We will be running a Field Seminar after the conference, for further details click here 

  • Post-rift potential source rock correlations and prospectivity of the deep Atlantic conjugate margins, south of the Walvis Ridge

  • Correlating the Albian magmatic rift across the Sergipe-Alagoas and North Gabon conjugate margin: implications for source rocks above SDRs (Abstract)

12th-13th September 2018 – 17th Annual HGS-PESGB Africa Conference, Houston, Texas