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Bay of Bengal: East India, Bangladesh and Myanmar

East India, Bangladesh and Myanmar
This project reviews the offshore basins of Eastern India, Bangladesh and Myanmar to provide a geological and hydrocarbon assessment of the region. Geological information is integrated through a comprehensive compilation of public domain data, which is continually updated. The project is summarised in a regional ArcGIS atlas with individual basin dossiers in MS PowerPoint format. We will be completing a review (Available: Q4-2017) of the West Indian Margin which will be available to clients who have purchased the East India Margin, at a discounted rate.

Project Contents:
ArcGIS project
340+ linked sections, 75+ linked wells
17 Basin evaluation PowerPoints
Bibliography 230+ references
40 page executive summary on East Indian Basins

Project Dossiers

  • • East India Introduction
  • • Mannar
  • • Cauvery
  • • Palar-Pennar
  • • Krishna-Godavari
  • • Mahanadi
  • • North East Coastal Basin
  • • Bengal Fan
  • • Onshore Bengal Delta
  • • Myanmar Introduction
  • • Andaman Sea
  • • Rakhine Basin
  • • Central Onshore Myanmar
  • • Moattama Basin
  • • Tanintharyi Basin
  • • Mergui Basin
  • • Andaman Forearc Basin