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Gulf of Mexico Licencing Rounds 2.4 & 3.1 for 2017-2018

Project Summary

This report provides a summary of the geology and hydrocarbon potential of the Mexican sector of the GOM. It is provided as an ArcGIS project with supplementary dossiers in PowerPoint format. We use a comprehensive compilation of public domain data which is being continually updated. The report is aimed at companies that are preparing to enter Mexico in Round 2.4 or Round 3.1 (2017), or planning for future licence rounds.

Features assessment of the recently disclosed Licence Blocks of Round 2.4 and 3.1, from the Sept. 2017 CNH data release.

Project Contents

  • 187 Linked PDFs containing a range of well information (litho., wireline, geochem., well correlations).
  • 980 Linked PDFs containing a range of seismic information (seismic and cross-sections in time and depth).
  • 67 Time slices from 3D surveys.
  • 7 depth to grids for regions of interest.
  • Thermal history study of the Perdido Fold Belt.
  • 8 Regional Dossiers giving a summary of the geology and Petroleum Potential of the prospective basins.
  • Round 1 & 2 blocks have been evaluated and reviewed, with ranked considerations provided for farm-in appraisal.
  • Round 2.4 & 3.1 block evaluations, with relatively ranked hydrocarbon potential, plus detailed play and risk analysis.

Earthmoves hyperlinked spatial data in relation to 2.4 and 3.1 Licence Round Blocks

Project Dossiers

  • • Gulf of Mexico Introduction
  • • Sabinas Basin
  • • Burgos Basin
  • • Perdido Fold Belt
  • • Tampico-Misantla Basin
  • • Veracruz Basin
  • • South East Basin
  • • Cuenca del Sur (Campeche Basin)
  • • Yucatan Platform

Technical Data

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