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Gulf of Mexico

Gulf of Mexico (Mexican Sector)

Project Summary

This Report provides a summary of the geology and hydrocarbon potential of the Mexican sector of the GOM. It is provided as an ArcGIS project with supplementary dossiers in PowerPoint format. We use a comprehensive compilation of public domain data which is being continually updated. The report is aimed at companies that are preparing to enter Mexico in Round 1 or Round 2 (July 2016) or planning for future licence rounds.For existing users there is an update with a NEW assessment of the Round 2 shallow water blocks in the highly prospective South East, Veracruz and Tampico-Misantla regions (Available September 2016).

Project Contents

  • 137 Linked PDFs containing a range of well information (Litho, wireline, geochem, well correlations)
  • 703 Linked PDFs containing a range of seismic information (Seismic, Cross sections in time and depth)
  • 67 Time slices from 3D surveys
  • 7 depth to grids for regions of interest
  • Thermal history study of the Perdido Fold Belt
  • 8 Regional Dossiers giving a summary of the geology and Petroleum Potential of the prospective basins
  • All blocks offered in Round 1 were evaluated and reviewed
  • NEW blocks offered in shallow water Round 2 have been evaluated and ranked

Basin Dossiers

  • Gulf of Mexico Introduction
  • Sabinas Basin
  • Burgos Basin
  • Perdido Fold Belt
  • Tampico-Misantla & Mexican Ridges Fold Belt
  • Veracruz Basin
  • South East Basin
  • Cuenca del Sur (Campeche) Basin
  • Yucatan Platform