Using our extensive South Atlantic Digital Atlas we have evaluated the basins and ranked the blocks on offer in this region.   This basin/block evaluations and rankings can be purchased as a separate report which includes the dossiers and a subset of our ArcGIS project over the blocks.

Congo License Round Phase II 2018-2019


  • September 2018: Opening of the Call for Tender
  • November 2018: Major Presentation & Promotion Campaign in Cape Town, Africa Oil Week 2018
  • June 2019: Closing Date of the Call for Tender


  • 3 Onshore Areas
  • 7 Offshore Shallow Water Areas
  • 5 Offshore Deep & Ultra-Deep Areas

Cuvette Basin (Onshore)

  • 5 Onshore Areas

The map below shows the cross sections and wells used to rank these areas.