Directed by Ian Davison, Earthmoves is a geological consultancy which specialises in frontier oil exploration and salt tectonics.

We take pride in our ability to bridge the gap between the latest academic research and the needs of the oil industry, and have provided over 120 oil and mining company clients with geological services and multiclient reports.

The consultancy is split into three divisions:

  1. Multiclient Digital Atlas & Reports
    • Saving the explorationist time by integrating all public domain industry and academic data to aid exploration workflows
  2. Geological Consultancy Services:
    • Basin analysis, seismic interpretation and structural interpretation of salt basins and evaluation of producing fields around salt diapirs.
  3. Training & Research:
    • We also provide tailored workshops on the Atlantic Margins and Mexican Gulf of Mexico, and are constantly contributing to research across these regions.
    • We also give regular salt tectonics training courses on a single company basis.

We focus our studies on Africa and Latin America and more recently the Mexican sector of the Gulf of Mexico and Bay of Bengal. Our sister company GEO International Ltd. specialises in the Interior African Rifts, the East African-Indian Ocean margin, Northern Caribbean and the surface geology of Africa.