For Ghana’s 1st Licence Round, Earthmoves has reviewed and ranked the blocks on offer to provide a comprehensive compilation of public domain information.  Summarised in basin dossiers which cover the regional geology and hydrocarbon prospectivity of the Tano, Saltpond and Keta Basins, this report can be purchased as a stand-alone report and ArcGIS Digital Atlas or as part of our South Atlantic Digital Atlas

The block evaluations specific dossiers contain all the public domain seismic/cross-section and well log data available in the blocks and adjacent areas with key plays highlighted along with block rankings. Individual block summaries sheets are provided with critical information and plays types and sizes in each block along with a key section, mapped prospects and upsides/downsides.

Ghana 1st Oil and Gas Licence Round 2018 (Opened – OCTOBER 2018 Closes June 2019?)

Competitive Bidding – 3 Blocks

Direct Negotiation  – 2 Blocks

GNPC Allocation  – 1 Block

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