Brazil Licencing Rounds

An explosion of opportunities in Brazil

Project Dossiers

  • Offshore
  • • Foz do Amazonas
  • • Marajó
  • • Pará-Maranhão
  • • Barreirinhas
  • • Piauí-Ceará
  • • Potiguar
  • • Parnaíba
  • • Pernambuco-Paraíba
  • • Sergipe-Alagoas
  • • Tucano Sul
  • • Recôncavo
  • • Jacuípe
  • • Camamu-Almada
  • • Jequitinhonha
  • • Cumuruxatiba
  • • Espírito Santo
  • • Paraná
  • • Campos
  • • Santos
  • • Pelotas
  • Onshore
  • • Parnaíba
  • • Parecis
  • • Paraná
  • • Potiguar
  • • Recôncavo
  • • Solimões
  • Production Sharing
  • • Agua-Marinha
  • • Agata
  • • Esmeralda
  • • Turmalina
  • • Jade
  • • Tupinamba
  • • Ametista

Reports available

Brazil 17th Rondada

128 blocks on offer, our latest Block Evaluation and Relative Ranking review of the Brasil 17th Round is near completion.  We have reviewed and ranked the 128 blocks on offer in the Campos,  Pará-Maranhão, Pelotas, Potiguar and Santos Basins.

This Report is avalible as a standalone package or as an update to our South Atlantic Margins Digital Atlas for existing clients

Brazil Open Acreage

1730 blocks offered across every Brasilian Basin

567 blocks on offer

173 blocks in public consultation

990 blocks under study

Organise and online webinar to help cherry pick the best blocks

7th & 8th PSC Blocks

7th PSC (2020) 3 blocks offered in the Campos and Santos Basins (Esmeralda, Agata and Agua-Marinha)

8th PSC (2021) 3 blocks offered in the Santos Basin (Ametista, Tupinamba and Jade)

Reports content

  • ArcGIS Digital Atlas*
  • Comprehensive Block Evaluation Dossiers for each of the basins in PowerPoint
  • Summary Data Sheet for each block for quick reference
  • Relative block rankings as an Excel Spreadsheet
  • Geological map of each basin showing the regional context, channels and fans, faults, salt structures, volcanic complexes, ocean-continent boundary, prospects and leads, nearby oil and gas fields and discoveries, etc.
  • PowerPoint containing all the public domain cross sections and seismic sections through the offered blocks
  • Regional Summary PowerPoint of each basin detailing the geology and hydrocarbon potential.

*Companies that have not purchased our South Atlantic Margins Report will receive PowerPoint & Excel formats only, not the ArcGIS Digital report.

NEW for 2020 – Online webinars to help cherry pick the blocks with the best potential

Give us your preferred basins and with a short amount of preparation we will present to you an online webinar and present the best open acreage blocks on offer.  This is followed up with a PowerPoint Dossier with a data sheet summary on each of our cherry-picked blocks to help accelerate your decision making

The entire contents of our Brazil Rounds 2020 evaluation report will be integrated within our main South Atlantic Margins Digital Atlas and can be purchased as a separate product or as an update for previous clients.