Gabon 12th Shallow & Deep Water Licence Round 2018

35 blocks | Launched 7th November 2018 | Closes 30th April 2020

On the 7th November 2018, at Africa Oil Week, the Republic of Gabon announced the opening of its 12th Licensing Round focussed on Shallow and Deep Water offerings. Earthmoves has reviewed and ranked the acreage offered in order to provide a comprehensive compilation of public domain data and independent research – summarised within basin dossiers detailing the regional geology and hydrocarbon prospectivity of offshore Gabon.

Available Acreage

  • 12 Shallow Water Blocks
  • 23 Deep Water Blocks

Licence Block Evaluation

The block evaluation-specific dossiers contain all public domain seismic, cross-section, and well-log data available in the blocks and adjacent areas with key plays highlighted along with block rankings. Individual block summary sheets are provided with critical information and play types in each block, plus a key section, mapped prospects, and push-pull factor analysis.

Download our flyer here 

Sections and wells used in acreage assessment: