Central Atlantic Margin

Central Atlantic Digital Atlas

Accelerate your understanding with Earthmoves’ Central Atlantic Margins Digital Atlas.

This study comprises the findings of more than 1400 scientific papers including our own work and consists of a series of digital geological and geophysical maps of the Central Atlantic. They can be used as a basis for posting information relevant to regional hydrocarbon exploration or as predictive tools for deep water and other frontier areas. The maps improve regional understanding of the Central Atlantic geology, especially where there is sparse information currently available on one part of the margin, but more data available on the opposing conjugate margin.

NEW Sengal Licence Round Reveiw

Includes 91 page basin & block-level evaluation for the 2020 Senegal Licensing Round. Our reports can accelerate your understanding, contact us to discover how.

12 blocks | MSGBC Basin | Launches 31st January 2020 | Closes 31st July 2020

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Central Atlantic Margins Digital Atlas & Review Key Contents:

  • Complete digital geological maps for the American & African Margins.
    • Earthmoves standardised interchangable lithological & chronological legends.
    • Americas | Labrador Newfoundland to Suriname.
    • Africa & Iberia | Portugal to Guinea Bissau.
  • Compilation of key data into an interactive ArcGIS-based Digital Atlas
    • Extensive geological & geophysical data coverage.
    • Embedded publically avilable seismic, cross section, and well information.
      • 1130¹ seismic lines & cross sections
      • 545² wells
    • Gravity & Magnetic grids.
      • Magnetic | Free Air | Bouguer | Vertical Gravity Gradient.
    • African Margin play fairway maps – source, reservoir, maturity, seal.
    • All data is referenced & hyperlinked to the original source where possible.
      • Earthmoves bibliography contains 1444³ references
  • Dossier reports detailing the hydrocarbon potential of all basins along the Central Atlantic Margins.
    • Exploration history for each basin.
    • Key wells, seismic, and discoveries.
    • Remaining hydrocarbon prospectivity of the area.
  • Independent Reports
    • Review of the exploration potential of East Canada.
    • Review of the exploration potential of Guyana & Suriname.
    • 2010 Report on the geology and hydrocarbon Potential of the Central Atlantic Margins.

¹²³ Correct as of Q1 2020.

Technical Data Coverage:


Western Newfoundland

Labrador Margin


Flemish Pass

Jeanne d’Arc

Southern Grand Banks

Scotian Salt Basin

Carson Bonnition & Salar Basin

Guyana and Suriname

Georges Bank

Baltimore Canyon

Carolina Basins


Lusitanian, Peniche & Porto



Rharb, Pre-Rif & Rif



Essaouira & Agadir

Tarfaya & Souss



Senegal & Gambia

Guinea Bissau