India, Bangladesh, and Myanmar

Accelerate your understanding with Earthmoves’ India, Bangladesh, and Myanmar Digital Atlas.

This project reviews the offshore basins of western and eastern India, Bangladesh and Myanmar to provide a geological and hydrocarbon assessment of the region. Geological information is integrated through a comprehensive compilation of public domain data, which is continually updated. The project is summarised in a regional ArcGIS atlas with individual basin dossiers in MS PowerPoint format.

110 Embedded Well PDFs | 445 Embedded Section PDFs

India | Bangladesh | Myanmar  Digital Atlas Key Contents:

  • Complete onshore digital geological maps.
    • Earthmoves standardised interchangable lithological & chronological legends.
    • India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka.
  • Compilation of key data into an interactive ArcGIS-based Digital Atlas
    • Extensive geological & geophysical data coverage.
      • Structural data – faults, folds, lineaments.
      • Hydrocarbons – oil fields, gas fields, condensate fields, prospects, leads, oil slicks, seeps.
      • Source rock distribution and maturity.
    • Embedded publically avilable seismic, cross section, and well information.
      • 445¹ seismic lines & cross sections
      • 110² wells
    • All data is referenced & hyperlinked to the original source where possible.
      • Earthmoves bibliography contains 380‬³ references
  • Dossier reports detailing the hydrocarbon potential of select basins.
    • Exploration history for each basin.
    • Key wells, seismic, and discoveries.
    • Hydrocarbon prospectivity of the area.
    • 40 page executive summary on East Indian Basins.

¹²³ Correct as of Q1 2020.

Technical Data Coverage

    East India Introduction






    North East Coastal Basin

    Bengal Fan

    Onshore Bengal Delta

    Mumbai High

    West India Margin Snapshot

    Myanmar Introduction