Equatorial Atlantic Digitial Atlas

Accelerate your understanding with Earthmoves’ Equatorial Atlantic Margins Digital Atlas – a continuously updated data-rich resource provided in ArcGIS format.

This Digital Atlas summarises the findings of more than 337 scientific papers including our own work, and presents the geology and hydrocarbon prospects in digital format. All digitised maps are constructed in ArcGIS. All features are clearly labelled and cross-referenced to original authors. These are the most detailed Atlantic margin maps available in the public domain. Our sophisticated plate fit becomes especially powerful when evaluating new frontier areas with little information, where the conjugate margin has more data and where proven petroleum systems exist.

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Central Atlantic Margins Digital Atlas & Review Key Contents:

  • Complete digital geological maps for the West African & South American Margins.
    • Earthmoves standardised interchangable lithological & chronological legends.
    • Americas | Guyana to Potiguar.
    • Africa | Guinea to Nigeria.
  • Compilation of key data into an interactive ArcGIS-based Digital Atlas
    • Extensive geological & geophysical data coverage.
    • Embedded publically avilable seismic, cross section, and well information.
      • 700¹ seismic lines & cross sections
      • 200² wells
    • Gravity & Magnetic grids.
      • Magnetic | Free Air | Bouguer | Vertical Gravity Gradient.
    • All data is referenced & hyperlinked to the original source where possible.
      • Earthmoves bibliography contains 500³ references
  • Dossier reports detailing the hydrocarbon potential of all basins along the Equatorial Atlantic Margins.
    • Exploration history for each basin.
    • Key wells, seismic, and discoveries.
    • Remaining hydrocarbon prospectivity of the area.
  • Independent Reports
    • Block Evaluations of Brazil ANP License Rounds 1-9 and 11.

¹²³ Correct as of Q1 2020.

Technical Data Coverage


  • Guinea
  • Sierra Leone
  • Liberia
  • Côte d’Ivoire
  • Ghana - Saltpond & Keta
  • Ghana - Tano
  • Togo - Benin


  • Foz do Amazonas
  • Para-Maranhao
  • Barreirinhas
  • Ceara
  • Potiguar
  • Pernambuco-Paraiba