Gulf of Mexico

Accelerate your understanding with Earthmoves’ Gulf of Mexico Digital Atlas.

Since 2013, our Gulf of Mexico Digital Atlas has a provided companies looking to explore in Mexico with a summary of the geology and hydrocarbon potential of the Mexican sector of the GOM. Using a comprehensive compilation of public domain data, which is being continually updated, our project has aided companies in selecting the best blocks on offer.

Includes block evaluations for the latest Licensing Rounds & PEMEX Farmouts.

Gulf of Mexico – Mexican Sector Digital Atlas Key Contents:

Data density has increased twofold since GOM v.1.0

  • Complete digital geological maps for Mexico & the USA.
    • Earthmoves standardised interchangable lithological & chronological legends.
  • Compilation of key data into an interactive ArcGIS-based Digital Atlas
    • Extensive geological & geophysical data coverage.
    • Embedded publically avilable seismic, cross section, and well information.
      • 1140¹ seismic lines & cross sections in PDF format
      • 220² wells in PDF format
    • Timeslices from 3D surveys
    • Depth-to grids for regions of interest
    • All data is referenced & hyperlinked to the original source where possible.
      • Earthmoves bibliography contains 910³ references
  • Dossier reports detailing the geology and hydrocarbon potential of Mexico.
    • Exploration history for each basin.
    • Key wells, seismic, and discoveries.
    • Remaining hydrocarbon prospectivity of the area.
  • Independent Reports & Licence Reviews.
    • All licence rounds to date hace been evaluated and reviewed, with ranked considerations provided for farm-in appraisal.
    • Perdido Fold Belt thermal history study.
    • Regional introduction dossier reports.
    • Mexican Sector technical evaluation report.

¹²³ Correct as of Q1 2020.0

Technical Data Coverage:


Mexican Gulf of Mexico

Sabinas Basin

Burgos Basin

Perdido Fold Belt

Tampico Misantla & Mexican Ridges

Veracruz Basin

Sureste Basin

Campeche Basin

Yucatan Platform

Summary of Prospectivity


Round 1.1 Deep Water

Round 1.4 Deep Water

Round 2.1 Shallow Water

Round 2.2 Onshore

Round 2.4 Deep Water

Round 3.1 Shallow Water