Geological & Geophysical Services

Expert Geoscience Consultancy Services

Draw on our 30 years of industry, academic and research experience on the Atlantic Margins and Mexico, we can for help with technical reviews, farm-in, seismic interpretation and tailored geological studies

Structural Analysis

We have an experienced team of structural geologists who have worked over a wide range of structural settings to aid structural analysis and interpretation to determine the timing, geometry and kinematics of trap formation, fault movement and salt tectonics.


We supply customised GIS projects to provide you with a base dataset from our existing catalogue of reports or a new region from scratch.  These projects aim to supply the users with the core geological and cultural information needed to increase knowledge in a frontier region. We also can process, standardise, migrate and QC GIS databases. Using public data we provide in-house filtering of gravity and magnetic datasets for a particular region.