NEW 3-day Lusitanian Basin Salt Tectonics Field trip.

We have created a fantastic 3-day field trip to study the Salt Tectonics in the onshore Lusitanian Basin, Portugal.  With great beach and quarry outcrops this field course examines:

  • Deformation of the adjacent rocks produced by passive diapirism- J hook, low-angle wedge and high-angle flap-onlap unconformities. Onlap of beds onto growing salt diapirs.
  • Erosion and reworking of diapiric crest and flanks with carbonates locally deposited adjacent to the salt diapir.
  • Geometry and trapping mechanism of a relict oil field.
  • Internal deformation in evaporite diapirs.
  • Dissolution processes and its effects on sedimentation above diapirs.

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Detachment in Macumber source rock Nova Scotia
Detachment in Macumber source rock Nova
Deformed Salt
Deformed Salt
Gypsum rosettes
Gypsum rosettes