Course leader: Ian Davison, Earthmoves Ltd.

This two day course aims to cover the main aspects of Salt Tectonics, and the Salt Tectonics of the European Zechstein Basins. It will bring participants up to date with the most recent advances in the understanding of salt tectonic processes, overburden deformation and sedimentation around salt structures. The course will involve using client’s seismic data in practical exercises. These courses are typically presented five times a year on average.

Day 1

  1. Salt Deposition
  2. Physical properties of salt and concepts of fluid mechanics.
  3. Salt internal flow patterns, faults in salt, fluid flow in salt, dissolution features, with examples from the North Sea.
  4. Thermal effects of salt.
  5. Cap rocks and dissolution structures.
  6. North Sea regional tectonics.

Day 2

  1. Diapir growth and geometry.
  2. Upturned flaps, folds and frictional drag folds. Folding, faulting and fluid flow adjacent to salt structures. Deep plays.
  3. Overburden deformation and sedimentation around salt domes.
  4. Contractional Tectonics, Polish Trough, Germany, Southern North Sea.
  5. Compressional reactivation of salt diapirs. Salt overhangs and bulbous heads.