Ronda 3 (Offshore)

Open: 18 September 2017

Submission: 6 April 2018

A review of Uruguay’s Ronda 3 blocks at a regional and block scale. Our ArcGIS based report is aimed at getting you up to speed with all the key information needed to make decisions on entering this round.

Uruguay’s Ronda 3 blocks have been evaluated using all available public domain information available. Critical plays and structures are identified and described for each block in an easy to use PowerPoint report. This report can be purchased as a separate product or as an update for previous clients.

Uruguay 3rd Round Components:

  • ArcGIS Digital report*
  • Comprehensive Regional and Block evaluation dossier for the Punta del Este Basin in PowerPoint
  • Summary data sheet for each block for quick reference
  • Geological map of each basin showing the regional context of blocks, channels and fans, faults, salt structures, volcanic complexes, ocean-continent boundary, prospects and leads, nearby oil and gas fields and discoveries, etc.
  • PowerPoint containing all the public domain cross sections and seismic sections through the blocks

*Companies that have not purchased our South Atlantic Margins Report will receive PowerPoint & Excel formats  and a subset of the ArcGIS South Atlantic Digital atlas only.